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Ponder over this; Two workers with different Lifestyles. | Adonaimart

Ponder over this; Two workers with different Lifestyles.

STAFF A: Builds his part-time business during his spare time. His salary is just NGN25000.

STAFF B: He is completely married to his job, earns more, with a nice car and house……

2yrs after.

STAFF A: Weekly earnings from his part-time business equals “STAFF B” monthly salary.

In 7yrs.

STAFF A: Resigns to enjoy his lifestyle with family, travel round the world, contribute to charity, drives the latest car, lives in a beautiful mansion and affects lives.

STAFF B: Gets a pay increase of NGN 25,000 or worse get sacked.

In 10yrs:

STAFF B: Retires with dwindling income.

STAFF A: Weekly earnings equals STAFF B’s lifetime gratuity.

Who do you want to become? STAFF A or STAFF B?

The above scenario or pattern is what is playing out now and it will still continue in the foreseeable future. Wealth is not in salary. Salary is good but it should be put into good use through investing and entrepreneurship.

With hard work and guidance, you can overcome some of the problems associated with the rat race.

We can show you how to start that journey to a better future, and a better life.

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