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The Money You are Looking For Is Most Likely in the Business you are Avoiding. | Adonaimart

The Money You are Looking For Is Most Likely in the Business you are Avoiding.


You can defeat fear with knowledge by focusing on what you can control.

  1. Fear of speaking in the public. What can you do? Learn skills on public speaking. Why? Mastery of public speaking leads to team building, which is what brings about passive income: this is our goal and why we started.
  2. Fear of rejection when prospecting. If you don’t look for prospects to join your team, you will not get a team. No team, no wealth. What can you do? Learn skills on how to prospect. Get a mentor and copy his strategy. Firstly, create a Facebook or WhatsApp page and invite friends to join. To persons outside your circle, create a post and do an advert on it, then invite people to join. Since you have a mentor, join his Facebook or WhatsApp page, copy and paste his posts on your page. Don’t forget to put you contact details on your posts. Keep learning from your mentors post and keep posting his messages on your pages. Your audience will notice you soon.
  3. I don’t know what to say and how to say it. Focus on attending meetings. Learn event hosting skills. Get more knowledge on how the system works.

In summary, focus on what you can control and influence. All 3 fears mentioned can be overcome through determination, patience and focus.

IMPLEMENTATION: Lastly, practice what you have learnt, consistently, daily.

Check out this video on Tips on Team Building. The video is about 10mins long but it’s a must watch!

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