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Welcome on the decision to apply network marketing as a means toward wealth creation.

Also, the Longrich platform is a very good brand that can make you realize your dreams and goals in life.

Note, you are not expected to know everything under the compensation plan. What is expected is for you to continuously buy, use the products and share the experience with everyone. To enjoy the benefits fully, Add 3 persons under you, who can be your family members or anyone else. Tell anyone about the opportunity. Check to ensure, after every purchase that your products are properly documented in the back office.

Also, it is advised to change ranks at least every 2months or as soon as possible. Changing ranks is advised in other for someone under your team not to overtake you. Also, for you as team lead, your growth encourages others, as you are leading by example.

Lastly, I expect you to just know the basics, because that will be the motivating factor in this Longrich journey. Don’t be worried that you can’t grasp everything. Just focus on what you can understand. With time, you will catch up.

Basic Terminologies in LONGRICH

PV – It means Point Value, note every product has an assigned point value irrespective of the Price. The PVs are attached to each product on the price list.

Back order – purchase of a product without immediate collection from a stockist

Sponsor – this is your up line, someone that joined before you upon registration or introduced you to the business.

Placement –   your down line, it could be more than one.

Back office – this is where you check what is happening under your legs and accumulated group PV. You will have to login with a given code, password and authentication code. In the back office, you have company announcements, rewards/bonuses, promos, products launch, awards ceremonies, your account profiles, your purchases and any other activity done by you. If you are the lead sponsor, you will see all the activities done by all your team members. As the word implies, this is where you run the business and you must be in your office regularly.

Membership code – this is given the day you join LONGRICH, it is unique and will be used by you or any person who is buying products directly at company price.

Distributor – the day you join LONGRICH, you have become a distributor, Partner, or shareholder in LONGRICH and are entitled to car incentive, travel incentive, scholarship, and house incentive subsequently as you go up the ladder.


Compensation plan -this is a detailed plan of how you get rewarded by the company. It is more than 99% free of human manipulation in my own opinion. It’s what you put in that you get. Just follow the rules and you are good to go. It is monitored from the back office.

Recruiting – this means sharing your business idea with as many people as possible. Note, everyone is a potential prospect. Recruiting is our main means of earning rewards and bonuses. Skills for recruiting will be taught regularly. Please endeavor to check our social media platforms for more training.

Check us out on  Whatsapp, facebook and Instagram.

Prospect -people you share your ideas with are prospects.

Stockist – someone who sells to distributors offers training and consultancy services to prospects and distributors.

You can request for the audio and video version here


What you get paid or how successful you become as a partner is all dependent on the following;


Your knowledge of leg balancing and how it works,

How you use the different PV promos and packs,

The number of active team members in your network.

Your knowledge of the products

Your passion and never say die attitude and quest for more knowledge and team building

Operating the business as a stockist.

and most importantly, your willingness to make NETWORK MARKETING a full time career.

I urge you to urgently consider becoming a network marketer.

I will give a brief explanation of the compensation plan. I want you to imagine how huge your income will be, if you have just about 200, 400, 1000 or 2000 team members(all depending on the size of your team) qualifying for any of these bonuses or incentives weekly? As I said earlier, the compensation plan is awesome and you don’t need to know it all from the onset, however I urge you to just concentrate on team building skills.

In Longrich, you get compensated in the following ways:


  • Performance Bonus
  • Development Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Retail/Repeat Bonus

Performance bonus: Your entry status as Starter Combo, Q-Silver, Silver, Gold or Platinum/VIP determines your earning power! Performance Bonus is paid weekly on any of the entry status and all generations till infinity!

We will discuss Entry Levels later.

Development bonus: Everyone earns 10% flat, irrespective of the entry levels.

Leadership bonus: (10% – 45%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12th generation according to your level.

Repeat/Retail order bonus: (21%- 45%) paid on every repeat purchase orders of 30pv & above!

Platinum VIP incentive: (earn 1% of Longrich Global Sales every cycle) it can be converted to travel/car/house. Quickly aim to be recognized as a VIP immediately you enter as a member.

Worldwide Incentive: (earned from Diamond 4 level and above) 2.5% of company global sales.

Star Directors Worldwide Incentive: (earn 2.5% of company’s Global Sales).

Soochow University Scholarship: Partners who get to the Star director level are qualified to either go on this scholarship or recommend anyone of their choice to study any course of their choice.


The amount spent in buying products is categorized into different levels. It’s just to make the system fair. Those that bought more products are ranked higher than those who bought less products.

In the compensation plans, PVs, i.e. points of value, are used to calculate your earnings. Each product is assigned a PV which is the value of the product in the system.

Membership Levels

STARTER COMBO4pvs– #10,050 (earns weekly). It’s designed mostly for low income earners.

To join at the starter combo plan, you select products worth 4PV.

Q -SILVER – 60pvs –#25,000 (earns weekly). To join as a Q-silver member, you select products worth 60pv.

SILVER – 120pvs – #70,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus). To join at the Silver level, you select products worth a minimum of 120 PV but less than 240 PV. At this level, you earn a Performance Bonus based on 8%.

GOLD – 240pvs – #120,000 (earns 10% weekly bonus). To join at the Gold Level, select products worth between 240 PV and 720 PV. At this level, you will earn your Performance Bonus based on 10%.

PLATINUM – 720pvs – #300,000 (earns 12% weekly bonus). To join at the Platinum level, you need to pick products that will give you a minimum of 720PV but less than 1680 PV. With this, you will earn your Performance bonus based on 12%.

PLATINUM VIP -1680 PVs (purchase value) #750,000 (earn 1% share of global sales from 188 countries where Longrich operates) + 12% weekly bonus! To become a VIP member, you sign up and select products worth a maximum of 1680 PV. Which will enable you to earn your Performance Bonus based on 12 % and will avail you the privilege of earning a further 1% of global sales profit proportional to your team activities.

We can guide you on how to start. Please watch this video and see how #Longrich works here please be patient for the video to download.


Your growth is determined by your RANK. As in any other organization, ranking determines your responsibilities and income. We will basically discuss the network model Longrich uses, leg balancing, the different ranks and what it takes to qualify for such rank.

Ranks               Group PV required
💎 1 diamond-     720
💎2 diamond-    1,680
💎3 diamond-    3,600
💎4 diamond-    15,000
💎5 diamond-    75,000
💎6 diamond-    225,000
💎7 Diamond-    450,000
🌟1 Star director- 1,500,000
🌟2 Star director- 3,750,000
🌟3 Star director- 9,000,000
🌟4 Star director- 20,000,000
🌟5 Star director- 60,000,000

Rank Requirements:
💎1 diamonds         Nil
💎2 diamonds.        Nil
💎3 diamonds.   2 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎4 diamonds.    3 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎5 diamonds.    4 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎6 diamonds.     5 diamonds on any 2 legs
💎7 diamonds.     5 diamonds on the 3 legs
🌟1 Star director.  6 diamonds on the 3 legs
🌟2 Star director.  7 diamonds on the 3 legs
🌟3 Star director   1 Star director on the 3 legs
🌟4 Star director.  2 Star director on the 3 legs
🌟5 Star director.  3 Star director on the 3 legs.

Summary of the rankings and their incentives;

You can see what you will gain by joining Longrich. No registration fees, just select products, make payments and you are in.

We can guide you on how to start and get our free training here

Check us out on  Whatsapp, facebook and Instagram.

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