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You control 90% whether you are hired or not!

One in every two Nigerians in the country’s labor force is either unemployed or underemployed.
With a labor force of 80.2 million, 21.7 million (23.1%: Nigeria Bureau of Statistics) Nigerians are unemployed, a figure that exceeds the population of 35 of Africa’s 54 countries. Among young Nigerians aged between 25 and 34, the largest bloc of the labor force, the unemployment rate currently stands even higher, at 30.7%.
The lack of jobs in Africa’s largest economy and most populous country is unlikely to get better soon.
To get a career offer is getting more and more difficult and to succeed and increase your chances, you need to follow data and the modern ways of seeking a job, rather than relying on apply-and-pray, hope, your qualifications, skills and experience.
Are you struggling with the following and seeking answers;
Seeking for a job, to find better pay and/or benefits?
Do you know that the average career vacancy gets 250 applications? Learn how you can be in the first 10!
Are you already employed but want to find another opportunity in another organisation?
How can you boost your career growth?
Why am I not getting interviews?
Wondering how you can increase your chances of working in blue chip companies and international organisations in Nigeria?
Is it possible to get job offers outside Nigeria? Know your chances.
How can you increase your chances of getting a job quickly with an entry level certificate?
Is it possible to transition from one career to another?
You have been applying and not getting results, find out what you are not doing right.
And so much more ..

The quality of your resume determines the number of interviews you will be called for. And the more interviews you attend, the greater your chances of landing that job offer.

In 2hrs30mins, I will show you how you can increase your chances in the job hiring process.
I aim to show you that, if you increase the chances of seeing more job adverts, then you will increase the chances of applying for those jobs. More applications also gives room to more interviews and without arguing further, this increases your chances of getting the offer.


I am Richard Okwuagwu. I am a security professional by training but when I am not protecting human and physical assets, I have been helping professionals in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, India, Canada, Namibia, Kuwait, Dubai, etc., have more control in the job hiring process.
Empowering job seekers in getting back on their feet has become a priority in my professional journey as an ATS resume writing professional. I have experienced working in a toxic environment, underpaying jobs, jobs that make you hate Mondays, etc. I know what the feeling of not feeling wanted and seen as an outsider looks like.
Many professionals don’t know that it’s employers that need employees to make them achieve their dreams.
I aim to open your eyes and make you take control of your career journey with this webinar.

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Read what others are saying about me and my services; for security reasons, names are initialised.

The job of a great leader is to grow more leaders. I am incredibly proud of Richard Okwuagwu who has been a fantastic leader by making others around him leaders. He has helped to develop many other individuals in various fields of his expertise. Richard is a leader with many hats and he is ever willing to fit into any situation to enable members of his team make necessary progress. A mentor, a buddy, a lecturer/tutor and many more. It is with pleasure that I recommend Richard to anyone, firm or business establishment that may need his skills set. You will be glad to engage him.

J. S O. London U.K

Richard is a thorough professional. It was great working with him.

J. E. Lagos Nigeria.

Richard is dedicated to duty and very reliable. He can work with very little or no supervision.

D. F. USA.

Richard is indeed an ATS Resumé Coach. If you need help in aligning your CV to beat the Applicant Tracking System, he is the go-to-guy. Reach out to him now and he would make it happen as he did for me.

Q. I. Abuja Nigeria.

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What this webinar will achieve plus the previous benefits mentioned:

  • Get skills in writing your ATS compliant resume, which you will use throughout your working career.
  • Know how to match your resume with job descriptions of the job advert.
  • Know how to increase your chances of landing that dream job by beating the ATS.
  • Learn skills to develop while you are still working.
  • Know how to build and develop your career.
  • Learn how to network with professionals around the world.

About this webinar

  • It will be conducted on zoom. You don’t have the zoom app? Please open and register using this link.
  • It will be conducted Mondays – Fridays everyday by 7pm promptly.
  • It is a bumper package. Knowledge gained in this webinar can be used throughout your professional career.

My 110% money back guarantee!

To know about the webinar pricing please click here.

If at the end of the webinar, you feel value was not added to your professional career, I will refund your money back to you!

Please send a Whatsapp message stating: ‘’ How do I pay” to +2348097659695.