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Your resume determines whether you are hirable or not....See how we can help to make your dreams come through. | Adonaimart

Your resume determines whether you are hirable or not….See how we can help to make your dreams come through.

Are you tired of seeing emails like “We regret to inform you…” or “We are sorry to inform you that you don’t fit …” in your inbox? Have you been waiting forever for that next interview call? 5 mins read, so be patient.

Getting a job during the pandemic can be very challenging and recruiters now are very choosy. My objective is to see you succeed as you apply for that next career opportunity. The hiring process involves the use of the applicant tracking system, ATS. The ATS is the main reason, you are not getting call for interviews even though you feel, you qualify. This is where I come in; helping you to get those hiring managers to book you for an interview!

I can teach you or write for you.

. An ATS compliant resume attracts recruiters and brings more interviews.

. Writing an ATS compliant resume involves an art and a science and there is so much time involved when writing it.

. I can show you how to write an ATS compliant resume which you will use throughout your career for a fee or,

. I can write it for you, if you are the busy type, also for a fee.

. There are hundreds of applicant per career opportunity, what I aim to achieve is to make your resume stand out.

How does this work?

When we meet either on zoom, linkedin or whatsapp, I will review your resume and present my candid advice on how well you score, when your resume is passed through the ATS software. I am a businessman but also a mentor and investor in people. In my report, I will show you 2 options;

Show you a video, where I taught and gave tips on how to write the resume yourself.

Show you an offer, where I write the resume for you.

What is the process if you want to use our resume services?

  1. We review your resume so that you understand what elements are causing your resume or CV to be non-compliant so that you can stop using them.
  2. I walk you through LinkedIn Jobs so that you know where and how to find and apply for the career opportunities that will best suit your career path.
  3. We will review your LinkedIn profile so that you know whether it looks appealing to prospective employers and what to change it on to attract them.
  4. I will walk you through my data-driven ATS resume process that ensures you only include those elements that help you increase your ATS match rate.
  5. We review the end result of your thorough exercise to ensure we minimize the work that goes into updating my ATS resume template with your work.
  6. You start applying to career opportunities that are considered low-hanging fruit in a very specific order to be one of the first in line to be considered.
  7. You continue applying to other career opportunities that may have a lot more competition but also get them out of the way as you really never know.
  8. You keep track of all the career opportunities you have applied for with precise details so that we know whether your efforts are starting to pay off.
  9. We make necessary updates should you not start hearing back from prospective employers within a few weeks of starting to apply for opportunities.

To summarize, this is what the process looks like: We review your current resume, introduce to LinkedIn Jobs, review LinkedIn profile, explain proprietary Data-Driven ATS process, review your new resume, apply to low-hanging fruit, apply to more competitive opportunities, keep track, and make updates.

Do I get to see the ATS match rate?

Absolutely. One thing is clear, if you are reading this it is because you are unable to attract career opportunities, and that is only because of your resume. When we start working together you will see your ATS match rate before we make any changes and after, so that you know that our efforts have paid off.

How many times can we go back and forth?

As many times as possible. Just send me a whatsapp message and we agree on a time and we are good to go.

How long does it typically take to have the final document?

Usually 5-7 days, however, you still have a part to play. Respond ASAP to any requests I make. We will communicate mostly through emails and whatsapp.

How long does it typically take candidates to start seeing results?

I know this will sound like a very safe response but it’s the truth and anyone making any promises to you doesn’t really have your best interest at heart. The reason I say this is because there are so many variables such as your industry, role you are interested in, the time of the year when you apply, etc.

Can it take me months to start getting interviews though?

Some of our clients received interviews in as little as the next day once they applied with our resume template and updates but we don’t want to say this. Setting such high expectations can be dangerous so we rather say: we will be here for you from day one accompanying you throughout the process.

How do you write the resume?

Our aim is for your resume to beat the ATS and also keep the recruiter attracted and set aside your resume for interviews. We use a resume template that is neat and does not break the ATS software. Also, we write the resume using the modern and relevant writing technique that captures your expertise, achievements, passion and professionalism. We believe it is your document and it should represent you well. 

Will I need to update my resume for every job description?

You have 2 options. You can get a generic resume so that you dont have to update your resume for any job description for that particular role. or option 2, get a resume that you can update for any job description that you qualify. A generic resume has its main benefits; speed. Once a job adverts comes out, you stand a better chance, if you are among the first 20 applicants as there will be hundreds of applicants. Fo the updated resume, your resume will be reviewed within 6-8 hours before you can apply, though its main benefit is that you can use it to apply for the different job roles in your industry.

What are some of the elements that make a great resume?

Filename, format, layout, incompatible use of tables, overall and text alignment, font name, colour and size, sections listed in the wrong order, spanning over the fold, white spacing, verb strength and tense, date and currency formats, punctuation, grammar, sentence length, lack of accomplishments, irrelevant information, poor planning of space, lack of career objective, fluffing up experience, overall length, and inconsistencies, among other aspects.

What is the deal with the ATS everyone is talking about?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, which is a technology organizations started to leverage to filter out resumes that are not worth being looked at. There are only a few organizations that develop ATS software solutions and they are unable to read text if it is not formatted the way they expect it to be.

Why would a resume not be worth looking at?

Most candidates submit resumes that either have a poor match with the job description they are applying to or cannot be interpreted by the ATS software. This is why it is critical not to overlook both the art and science of resume writing so that once you pass one of the filters you can also conquer the other.

Does the pandemic make it harder for applicants?

Absolutely. Employers and recruiters are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applications they receive and not everyone qualifies for those opportunities. It makes it very challenging for everyone who is involved in the process, including you, because now it takes significantly longer to sift through resumes.

What if I am a great candidate and the ATS filters me out?

You will never know the exact reason why your resume might have been filtered out; however, there are many common reasons why that might happen. Keep in mind that you need to really impress with your experience and not with a fancy template that you can borrow from a friend or download for $25.

What should my conversion rate be (submissions to interviews)?

Before the pandemic started if you had a 30% conversion rate you were in a healthy territory, anything lower than that can be considered dangerous. Since the pandemic we can see that even reaching a 10% conversion for the most meticulous resumes can be a great challenge so be ready to apply.

Should I be applying to more than a thousand career opportunities?

Absolutely not. There is no reason why you should apply to so many career opportunities to start to see the results of a professionally written resume. The best strategy is to apply to those jobs that match your skills and qualifications. 

Could my resume be the reason I am not chosen after my interview?

A hiring manager invites you to the interview because you already have the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise required to bring value to them. They wouldn’t have invited you otherwise, meaning all you need to do during the interview is demonstrate that you have both the aptitude and attitude.

What does it mean to be ghosted?

Just like in dating, you can be ghosted by recruiters and/or hiring managers because they discovered they are no longer interested in you, unfortunately. When this happens, they are sending you a signal that you are not worth their time. Is it right? No. It happens all the time though to millions of applicants. So never feel bad when you are not getting invites for interview. You just remain positive and keep pushing.

How do I know your service works?

You can check my recommendations on my LinkedIn profile and reach out to past clients if you wish to ask any questions you may want, it’s totally fine. Every one of those recommendations are legitimate and I am sure my past clients will not mind sharing their experience and satisfaction working with me.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with your service?

Everyone on this platform offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back for your peace of mind so that it’s much easier to make this tough decision. If at any point you believe our service was unsatisfactory just tell us, we will apologize, try to find a possible solution and/or refund your payment in full.

Do you work with local candidates only?

We work with candidates worldwide and this is possible thanks to technologies such as Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype that enable it to happen. You will experience communication and collaboration as if we were face-to-face and will enjoy the process of getting your career to the very next level.

What happens when you complete your services?

We keep in touch with you to understand whether you are finding the results you were looking for and make any necessary updates along the way, too. We only consider our engagement to be a success when you accomplish your objective at which moment you will decide if you want any other services.

How do we treat clients and people in general?

We treat people with care, respect, dignity and appreciation, value both your time and savings, and it is of utmost importance to us to see you succeed. We will not stop helping you until you reach your objective and you will see that we don’t count minutes when we provide a service, we are committed.

Awesome right? What part do you like best?😊😊😊

Chat with me right now on Whatsapp: +2348097659695, if you want to use our services.

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