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About Us


Adonaimart was borne out of the need to be free from the problems faced by everyday ordinary folks when it comes to how they can be free financially. We aim to build a system that adds value to the lives of family members, friends and the community. We are a 2-man team involving myself and my beautiful wife.

What Matters to You

We are trying to show that in these times of prevailing poverty in the land, people should have additional streams of income. Ask yourself if in the next 5 years, the following problems which bothers people in the working class will still not be there? Retirement issues, time freedom, helping others, money freedom, leaving a legacy, meeting new people, personal development and owning a profitable business.

Been guided by proven business and entrepreneurial skills, we will use network marketing strategies to provide skills that will lead to a better life.

What We Do

We are professional network marketers. We sell products and offer training and support services, recruit members into our team, teach duplication skills and build leaders.

How We Do It

Create a team of 10,000 plus members using network marketing skills and model in the next 5 years. You join our team using this link.

If you want good health for you and your family, you can check out our shop and see some of our products

For more training and guidance, you can visit us at facebook. On Instagram, @longrichwealth. On twitter, @adonaimart

You can also get a personal touch by chatting with us here

To simply join us, send an email to adonaimartnm@gmail.com

From there we will show you the wealth vehicle we are using right now and how you can start immediately.